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Welcome to CoderManiaa Labs Pvt. Ltd, your number 1 source for everything that your business need. We have dedicated to giving you the very best of Website Design/ Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, Product Video and AR-VR solutions, focusing on a fast, efficient and optimized approach. Founded in 2021, right after years of individual and hardworking experience in the IT sector, CoderManiaa Labs Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way from its beginnings in Gorakhpur city. When the founders first started, their passion for advanced and cross-platform technical solutions that could solve society and businesses problems drove them to quit their jobs, do tons of research, and work on interpersonal skills. One day, our hard work paid off when India's top leading Engineering Institute (IIT) became our client. We have the most experienced developers who are excited and always want more complexity to push their limits. These designers, whoever working with us, are creating their originals daily. Digital marketers are daily researching the following possible way to promote client's business, and this makes us complete. We are so confident that CoderManiaa Labs Pvt. Ltd. can offer everyone a seamless and easy solution to enjoy and believe the technology. We now serve customers worldwide and are thrilled that we're able to turn our passion into our website. CoderManiaa hopes you will enjoy our products and services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us


The Services that helps you to grow.

Analysing the need

A good planning starts from the best understanding of client's project and domain, and we glad that we have the best team who worked with nearly all type of industries and expert in most of the domain...
That makes us unique and helping us to standout from our competitors

Requirement Collection

We put our effort to collect the requirement and prepare the plan sheet to follow...

Application development in codermaniaa

Technical effort meets deadline

All the good planning will help this stage and plays a vital role in taking your idea to reality. Thanks to our experienced developers who put their effort to make it happen


Here is the place where generally magic happens.
A nightmare for developers...
But our testing team does it at the risk of their friendship with developers.
Just kidding...
We put our effort into testing so that there should not be any point of shame for you with your solution for your end-user

Demo & Delivery

After completing all the factors demo of whole project and deliver.


Best UI in its class

We design interfaces that rarely you will find anywhere, and we make sure to have the best navigation throughout the site so that your user can feel the elegant design experience yet to have the simple step for the purpose he get across your site.

Match with trend

To follow the trend for business is so important that to have breath for life, and it all possible because we discuss each project with our design, technical and market experts to make it happen and believe me it works every time...

Hot content

Content is the real king; research said that the same product with different content and positioning gives a drastically different sales graph. That's why one should choose content wisely.
Don't worry; we made it all easy for you...

Experience that certified

We have the most experienced developers, and it certified by our almost 90% happy clients, but we never stopped learning, and it made us more experienced.

Get more then expectation

And it is purposeless if you won't get more than expected, so be ready to get the freebies and value-added services from us, and guess what... It is for everyone irrespective of the order amount...

Search engine optimization

SEO is not a headache for your business. It is a necessity and an excellent practice to promote and scale your business
It would be best if you had a good agency who can make it easy for you, Like us...🙈

Social Media marketing

Social media is the most powerful weapon for everything nowadays, so what you are waiting for!
Give your business a push of professionalism and grow exponentially

Email Marketing

Mail is not just a notification; it is a feeling from ancient days. Do you know that feeling is still there? But for it, you need to send the correct mail, and the results are yours... Most of the clients are satisfied and getting the organic business based on their mails... why won't you take a try !!


Product photo/ video shoot

We are also expertice in product photography and product video shooting.
Here are the ways how we do it.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics videos are the new trend for promoting your brand why not using it !!!
contact us for more info


VR and AR can give your product another height, and there is a plus that rarely you will find your competitors are using it...
Got the point!!
More fresh market and an excellent opportunity to stand out.

360° video shoot

360° video is the new trend to showcase your product/ store for an impressive and effective flex, and we do it very efficiently.

Still confused which is the best for you !! Contact us now to discuss


Android/IOS Development

Your idea for a mobile application is excellent; let us make it even more exciting and feel the power of your vision...
We are providing the mobile application development service to almost every domain and working with Flutter, React Native, Kotline, JAVA, Dart, Python, and Laravel.

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Website/Software Development

Codermaniaa Labs providing the wide range of website on various platforms like Python(React and Flask), React JS, Core PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Shopify We have the expertise so that the client can believe in our technology, and we have worked with India's leading institutions like IIT that reflect our credibility and domain knowledge
What are you waiting for? Let's shine together, click the button to know more about us. See you there..

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Digital Marketing

For the one who wants to succeed in their business, digital marketing is a gem for everyone,
If you are
Then, we made for each other, Know more to get the benefit

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Product Video Shoot

A good reprentation can sell absolutly anything, show the realpower of your product with our product shooting segment and let the market see the real power of your product and services.
Show them what all the possibility that your product can do. And e can help you for this, because we are expert in creating Motion Graphics, 360° video shooting, Product video shooting,

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Our clients


I got the MLM software in record time thanks for codermaniaa team for such a great help.

Owner- Flyingwayco


It's being a great experience to connect with then for my venture I really happy to work with them.

Managing Director-Satyendra Pandey


To start working with CoderManiaa is my good decision and i really appricate the work they did.

Founder- Manish Singh